Puppies up to 8 weeks stay together with their brood bitch, then they are delivered to puppy-walker’s families. These are mostly students of Brno´s universities but also young couples or family with kids.  Some of these people are from abroad – France, Israel, Sweden, The Netherlands.

Before a puppy is entrusted do people, they receive a manual describing proper puppy care. They are supervised by a puppy coordinator. The puppy raising program based on puppy educational games. As age increases so does the difficulty level. But we acknowledge that the puppies have to have fun while being trained. Puppies are all the time under veterinary care too.

As they reach one year old, they are supposed to know generally how to behave in an apartment life with humans, they know basic important commands of obedience, etc. They incorporate their natural dog-life with their special doggy needs & also accept human being as a part of their lives. At one year old, a health analysis screening is done as well as certifications of hips & elbows, ophthalmology screening, blood, heart & general vet examination.Their special training then begins.